Dictaphone Group is a research and performance collective that creates live art based on a multidisciplinary study of space. It is a collaborative project initiated by live artist Tania El Khoury and architect/urbanist Abir Saksouk.

Tania El Khoury creates interactive installations and performances in which the audience is an active collaborator. Based in London and Beirut, El Khoury’s work has been shown in five continents in spaces ranging from museums to cable cars. She is a co-founder of Dictaphone Group, an urban research and site-specific performance collective in Beirut.

Abir Saksouk is an architect and urbanist. She has been involved in several research projects in Lebanon, including the history of informal suburbs, the social production of shared spaces in the city, and more recently housing rights in Beirut. She is interested in exploring how community engagement could be employed in planning and actively shaping the future of cities. She is also co-founder of Public Works Studio (2012).

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